From a young age, I grew up listening to rock music. From Classic Rock because of my mother, to Metal and Punk because of my brothers. Most of the albums I was used to playing were rock music. That is what I knew. My childhood consisted of Rock music. As I got older, I then began to enjoy horror. Listening to the folklore stories from my culture, to watching Freddy and Jason with my horror movie loving brothers.

The older I got; I realized the lack of representation in these subcultures that existed. I knew very few Metal Heads. I was lucky that those that I did know that were in these different subcultures were BIPOC, but the media did not show that. I hardly saw anyone in the media that looked like me or my friends. Any time there was someone that looked like me it was always the weird girl that listened to the Devil’s music. I knew so many friends that enjoyed horror and spooky things, but again the media did not represent that. I felt different because I was not the typical Latina that the media portrayed us to be.

As an adult, I then knew there was a lack of representation in these white-dominated scenes. This now sparked the mission to create this business. The goal, to have merchandise that is spooky, horror, dark, and rock n roll inspired, but with an emphasis on BIPOC representation. To show that we are part of this scene and have contributed a lot to it. This is for the BIPOC weirdos, emos, punks, metal heads, riot grrrls, and horror fanatics to finally have a space and representation. Welcome sinners to Succubus Dream Shop.